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False/Fake ID & Charges You May Face

Using a fake or false ID in Maryland
False/Fake ID

Maryland False/Fake ID Charges

False/Fake identification documents are common among many young people such as high school and college students, and some young people may have the impression that false/fake ID criminal charge is not a big deal – however, this is not the case. The truth is, if you or your child has been charged with a false/fake ID offense, you will need the help of an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer right away. In Maryland, false/fake ID offenses are considered identity fraud crimes and can carry harsh penalties that can affect an individual’s future employment opportunities. I, Frank Benvenuto will put forth a strong defense on your behalf, helping you to fight a false/fake ID charge that could negatively impact your life.

Types of False/Fake Government IDs Please be advised, there are several different ways a person can end up with a false/fake ID charge. A person can be arrested for making, selling, possession or using a fake ID, but he or she could also end up in trouble with the law for lending an authentic ID document for use by another person. Unfortunately, this means you could be facing false/fake ID criminal charges if your ID was actually lost or stolen, or “borrowed” without your knowledge by a friend or family member. If you have been wrongly accused of a false/fake ID offense, I can help. Contact Us. Individuals can receive charges for possessing a false/fake ID under either under the Maryland Traffic Article (TA), Section 16-301 or Maryland Criminal Law Section 8-303, each of which impose different penalties upon conviction or false documentation Maryland Traffic Article (TA) Section 10-115 Maryland False/Fake ID Penalties

When you think about a false/fake ID, a false driver’s license probably comes to mind, but a false/fake Id can actually be any type of misrepresented or fraudulent government documentation, like a social security card, passport, or birth certificate. Regardless of what type of documentation you have been accused of misrepresenting, however, our Maryland false/fake ID attorneys understand that such charges can be harsh.


Further, if you continue to lie to a police officer about the false identification and you provide it to a police officer which caused a false report, there is a possibility that you could be charged with making a false report. If you have been charged with the Crime of Making A False Statement to a Law Enforcement Officer; here is what you need to know:

(Section 9-501 of the Criminal Law Article)

“A person may not make, or cause a statement, report, complaint that the person knows to be false as a whole or in a material part, to a Law Enforcement Officer of the State, of a County, Municipal Corporation, or other political subdivision of the State. If convicted, the conviction is a misdemeanor. The penalty is imprisonment not exceeding 6 (six) months or a fine not exceeding $500 or both.

If you or someone you know that is underage and has been charged with a false/fake ID offense, I can help you and I will fight to keep your record clean. While some may downplay the severity of a false/fake ID charge, its potential to negatively impact your future & cannot be taken lightly!

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