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DWI /DUI laws in ocean city Maryland

Maryland DWI and DUI Laws

Driving While Impaired and Driving Under the Influence in Maryland

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Maryland Definitions of

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The information on this page relates to the legal definitions and Maryland Codes regarding operating motor vehicles in the face of the ingestion of alcohol, drugs or both with other considerations for transporting minors or consuming the substances while driving.

For advice on how and why the Police might stop you for suspicion of DUI or DWI and what to do if you are stopped for DUI or DWI especially in the Ocean City, Salisbury, and surrounding Md counties, please visit our DUI and DWI Advice page

Please note that all the Penalties listed in link button are for first offenses. If a person has a previous criminal record of conviction for any related DWI, DUI or Controlled Substance driving, the district attorney can and usually will ask for harsher penalties.

(another very good reason to consult an experienced attorney local to Ocean City, Md. and the surrounding area)

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