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Do You Have An Outstanding Warrant?

Many people come to Ocean City , Maryland and get in trouble with the law. Sometimes, they do not show up for their court appearance and a bench warrant gets issued for their failure to appear. When the judge issues a bench warrant for their failure to appear, the outstanding warrant lasts forever. So you might be driving along and get pulled over for speeding, and sure enough, you will be arrested and be detained until the warrant is satisfied.

If you have an Outstanding Warrant and if your charges are in District Court, depending on what the charges are, there is a possibility that I may be able to get the Warrant Recalled.

So before you decide to Turn Yourself In and pay a Bail Bondman a huge non-refundable fee call me Frank Benvenuto at 443-783-2451!

I have had a good track record for getting outstanding warrants recalled. If I am able to have the Warrant recalled, it will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Warrants remain in the system so every time you get stopped you are going to be detained until the Warrant is addressed.

You need to take care of the Warrant and address the situation.

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