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Breaking & Entering/Burglary

In Maryland Breaking and entering is the crime of entering someone else's property or other enclosed property without authorization and some element of force. If there is intent to commit a crime, this is burglary. Without intent to commit a crime, breaking and entering by itself usually carries a charge of 4th degree burglary, which is essentially criminal trespassing. An example of 4th degree burglary occurs when a person is out drinking and gets so intoxicated and wander into the wrong unit, even if the door was left unlocked. There are cases of minors committing breaking and entering in recreational pursuits, unaware of the legal consequences of their offense. In many states, a minor can be charged and subject to serious penalties, including institutionalization, under a state’s juvenile offender laws covering offenses such as breaking and entering. This charge may also have a lasting effect on employment and other opportunities in adulthood.

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